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We always begin with an open conversation about your business; how you operate and what kind of problem solving is needed. We work in fluid collaboration with you to extract the kind of information that will help us take your data design up a level. We understand that our preferred products may not always be ideal for every enterprise. So we offer objective, holistic, strategic oversight of your need and may recommend including other platforms and toolsets, and other kinds of customised planning.


We understand traditional ways of working, but that’s not our way. Slipstream will take you down an alternative path rather than a traditional one. When you’re on that path, incredible possibilities arise. Frustrations are replaced with insights. Business strategy flows. You’ll find yourself re-focusing on what you’re good at.

When you start a conversation with your data, it unlocks something in your people. When that flow starts to happen, it’ll almost certainly make you better than just good.


Before selling products by our aligned Partners, we will first do an assessment of what your company needs and help you with any internal motivations.  We’ll walk you through the value proposition, demonstrate the product capabilities and help you to build an internal business case. We can advise on best fit to need, and how to implement and maximise its usefulness to your company. Once all that is in a good place, your company can buy the product directly from us. The sale comes with our commitment to provide seamless after sales support and ongoing technical support. It doesn’t end with the sale. We jump in after the transaction, at any point, to facilitate a smooth implementation, train people and be available to optimise its functionality, generally.


Your people will need to get up and running as quickly as possible, so we run technical training to bring everyone up to speed. Our training team runs regular courses either on-site or off-site, depending on what’s best for your people.The following 5 course modules run regularly by Slipstream. These are professional, instructor-led, class-room based practical courses run by technically experienced product fundis:

  • Tableau Essentials
  • Tableau Enhanced
  • Tableau Server Essentials
  • Tableau Server Enhanced
  • Alteryx Fundamentals
  • Alteryx Advanced

Do your people need more customised or personalised training? Please talk to us. We also offer special courses in-house for companies and we regularly run courses that are open to the public.


You’re never alone. We provide trouble-shooting, product support and technical know-how on an SLA basis as part of your normal contractual arrangement.

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