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This business arose out of a need for data management to be more fluid, simpler and more responsive. Slipstream helps you to harvest clarity and meaning out of knowledge. Creating big ideas out of minutiae. Responding with agility. Inventing advantage by letting you have a conversation with your data. Making it real.

How we work

Hello, insight and inspiration.

The know-how to turn what used to be laborious and expensive data warehouse and reporting into lightning fast, better managed, flexible processes. It starts here. Our services and products are focused on big data warehousing, big data storage, visual analytics and reporting.  We’ll get you there by…

  • Simplifying development and reducing risk and long term cost of the data warehouse environment – making the system able to deal with change.
  • Letting you process billions of rows of data almost instantly.
  • Super-simple analytics and reporting: taking the load off your internal IT department, and making it possible for non-technical people to drive vivid, visual data interpretation.


Insight harvesting takes strategic planning, business intelligence, database management and a few brilliant, best-of-breed tools. We’ve identified where the gold is, and cherry-picked partnerships that match our culture and thinking.

Slipstream is a partner for Tableau,  Alteryx, Wherescape, Snowflake and Theobold Software in South Africa.

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